Facts About Online Casino Bonuses and Wagering Requirements


When online casinos offer bonuses, they will always want to make sure that their interest is protected at all times. While they can easily afford to offer perks and bonuses to their players, they can’t really take the risk of letting players run off with their money. They also have to prevent those instances when people will try to create several accounts just so they can cash out the bonus offer.

As a way of preventing this, online casinos impose wagering requirements that customers are expected to fulfill to prevent them from cashing their winnings out. This ensures that players will have to sign up first and become a regular player on their website before they will be allowed to cash out and enjoy whatever they have won.

Over time, bonuses have become associated with online casinos. Just like how you get complimentary drinks and food when you play at a traditional casino, bonuses are generally used by online casinos for promotional purposes. They’re quite effective too. As soon as people realized that there is free money to be had at online casinos, more ended up flocking online.

No Deposit Bonuses

When they were first offered by online casinos, they came without any attachments at all. They were straightforward free money that online gamblers can use to make bets. This really got players to start flocking to online casinos.

However, over time, online gambling operators have found that people were abusing the offer. This meant more people were accepting the bonus but there were only actually a few people that ended up signing up with the online casinos. Most players will just open several accounts to get the sign-up bonus and then just cash them out soon after.

Finding the Right Solution

Due to this abuse on online bonuses, online casinos have figured out a way to prevent it. The solution they presented came in the form of wagering requirements where players have to meet specific conditions before the winnings can be cashed out.

Also referred to as wagering requirements, this involves betting a specific figure on specific games before they can cash the money out.

With this, the casinos were able to protect their interest. Many casinos have different criteria for this, for example casino Zodiac rewards gamblers who are really serious about playing and not just getting the free money on offer.

Understanding Bonus Requirements

It’s important to understand that when it comes to playthrough requirements, players need to take note of the number of times they are supposed to wager the bonus offer before they’re allowed to cash out their winnings.

For instance, if you received a bonus of $200 and the casino has imposed a playthrough requirement of times 20, you’re going to need to bet a total of $4000 before you’ll be allowed to make a withdrawal.

Before accepting any bonus offer, it is important to take note of what the wagering requirements are first to assess whether or not it is fair and doable. Once you’re confident that the conditions involved are fair, it would make sense to accept it.

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